One asset for coaches on Koachee is their profiles. When a coachee joins Koachee, they get the first impression of coaches from their profiles.

Here are some of the best practices for coaches on Koachee.

  • Add Rates. Coachees are always searching for competitive pricing and rates online. Be sure to add rates to your profile. Profiles without rates are less likely to get responses from coachees.

  • Update Your Category. Coachees search for coaches based on categories on Koachee. Upon signing up, all coaches are under the general category. Setting your categories helps coachees find your profile faster.

  • Upload Images. It is always important to put a face behind the name. According to our survey, coachees are likelier to reach out to coaches with profile images, and custom banner images.

  • Detailed About Section. Coachees are likely to spend more time making their hiring decision. Thoroughly reading through profiles is part of the decision making process. Having a detailed about us section helps coachees understand coaches better, and convinces them to connect with you.