If you have signed up as a coachee on Koachee, you are ready to find the best coaches available online in your industry. In order to improve your experience on Koachee, it is important to follow the best practices.

  • Upload Images. It is always important to put a face behind the name. According to our survey, coaches are likelier to have a better relationship with coachees who have uploaded a picture.

  • Detailed About Section. A coachees about section is private and only visible to coaches. Adding details in the about section helps coaches understand your concerns and build tailored coaching plans for you.

  • Find Coaches by Category. On Koachee, you can search for coaches based on categories. Visit coaches from the header menu and select category in filters.

  • Free Consultation. Many coaches offer free consultation on Koachee. As the name suggests, it is absolutely free. It is a great practice to get a free consultation as it helps in understanding your coach and their coaching methods.